This year (2016) at Grace we decided that it would be fantastic to engage all the young people, from the youth, to the students, in an away day. So Rooted ’16 became a reality!

The aim of the away day was to further equip and encourage the young people in Christian life.

Held at Knighton Free church, we started with a talk from our guest speaker Joshua Shirtcliffe, on the Prodigal son. Between talks we had snacks, a book stall, table tennis and wide games. The morning's messy wide game [involving flour and water] was fantastic, as the oldest student to the youngest child could all get involved!

Seminars followed, with the student boys looking at the pressures of lad culture and how to live for Jesus in it and the student girls looked at identity and gospel-humility based on Tim Keller's book: "Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness." Lastly, the youth seminar was based on the “The Case for Christ”, looking at the historical evidence of Jesus. The last seminar of the day focused on bible reading and prayer and what this looks like practically.


Also during the day there was a 'Big Questions' time for anyone to ask anything. The panel was broad in gender, age and personality-type giving creative, methodical, and years of tested experience in how they individually developed a deeper relationship with God through prayer and spending time in God’s word. The day finished with a short celebration service with time to worship our faithful God.

It was a wonderful day where the young people were encouraged to delve deeply into God's word together, be accountable and encourage each other personally in the faith. Along with strengthening church unity, Rooted provided a time for the youth to ask the big questions of life.

Days like this cannot happen without the whole church getting behind it, so thanks to everyone involved and the church family for being so supportive. Bring on Rooted ’17….watch this space!